The intelligent table limit sign

VL-Focus is an intelligent table limit sign that was designed for casinos large and small. The sign is a management tool that rejuvenates the look of your table games while also being the foundation for your gaming analytics. Proper limit management, optimal utilization and enhanced game protection are all key components in making your table games more profitable.

VL-Focus is smart enough to detect every hand played on your card games, adjust your limits to entice more game play, protect your tables as well as communicate important marketing messages to your players and your pit staff. We can also add an additional revenue stream, if you so choose, through placement of mutually agreeable 3rd party advertisements. This is just a portion of what we can do.

About VisuaLimits

VisuaLimits was started in 2005 based on a vision of bringing new life to table limit signage. VisuaLimits pioneered the first LCD table limit sign in 2006. Our vision was to bring more to tables than just alarm clock style limits or basic picture frames. We viewed the table signage real estate as valuable space for gathering table game performance information and advertising the appropriate message at the appropriate time to players.

VisuaLimits owners have over a century of casino experience under their belts. Our customers benefit from the combined knowledge and experience that our owners and operators have, in both the design and functionality of the product.

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