More than a pretty face

VisuaLimits Operations Suite (VOS) automatically captures playing positions via wager recognition and supplies you with the tools to make your operations more profitable.

The Analytics

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” - Peter Drucker

With VisuaLimits you have the option for both. We can provide you with useful information to assist you in making your operation more efficient and profitable. Reports dealing with headcounts, dealer performance, tardiness and table valuation all provide you with useful insight into these important metrics, so you can better access your Table Games floor to see what needs to be changed in your operation, when it needs to be changed and what impact those changes can make.

VisuaLimits gives you the option to take it one step further. Based on past history analysis we can schedule the right dealer on the right game on the right day. We can also analyze your tables to determine what your utilization is and adjust limits accordingly. Rash decisions won’t be made; everything is calculated. There is the option to take it back a step and present you with the option and allow you to make the decision on your own. The choice is yours.

Headcounts & Utilization


VL-Focus is able to analyze your game types and supply you with relevant Utilization numbers. You have the options to view Game Type Utilization over time factoring in all shifts or individual shifts. You now have highly accurate historical data to make educated decisions.


VL-Focus allows gives you the tools to determine if you are staffing properly for your shifts. Can you afford to run with three less tables on a particular day? Through the VOS system you will have numbers to make an educated decision.


Are your spreads correct. Is your pit staff maintaining the proper limits for maximum profitability? What is my overall casino utilization, should I close tables early? These questions are answered through Pit Utilization.


Managing the number of smoking/non-smoking games and understanding their utilization is key to customer satisfaction and profitability. Are there suspect dealers who seem to always reside on a non-smoking table? Now you willl know.


How are my side wagers performing? Are they slowing my game down, if so, how much. Are they worth the amount of money that I am paying for them? These questions can now be answered.


Are there reports that you must have? Contact VisuaLimits and we will work to create custom reports for you. The data is there, however we can assist you in making the right decisions is what we are here for.


How well is my staff managing the limits? Are we pricing ourselves too high or too low? Through Limit Utilization reporting you will be able to view how well your minimums are being managed.. The quickest way to increased profits, without adding an additional dealer, is through limit management.


The VOS Gaming Dashboard is your one stop tool to view the Utilization on your gaming floor. You will know exactly where you stand with up-to-the-minute Utilization numbers for: Game Types, Limits, Pits, Side Wagers, Smoking/Non-Smoking

Dealer Performance


The VOS system is able to inform you how fast your dealers , as a whole, are performing on your game types. The old metric of Rounds per Hour is out the door as we can provide the exact number of hands per hour. How you measure speed on your carnival games has just been thrown out the window as we know how long the round took and the exact number of players.


Your dealers are key to your profitability. Increasing a dealer’s performance by 5% will create a huge difference in your year end profits. VOS will inform you which dealers are not performing up to par.

In addition to Dealer Performance and Tardiness Reports, you will now be able to initiate and log a dealer Incident Report right from the pit. For example, once a dealer error is identified, a brief description of the incident can be inputted into the system. The coinciding video of the error, embedded with the dealer's name will also be retained. You can now log incident reports with ease.

Automated Reports

Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports are generated and emailed to the appropriate parties. Custom Reports such as non-smoking utilization as well as custom automated reports are also able to be created.


VOS can alert you when any of the following have occurred:

  • Known cheat has sat down at a table
  • Excluded player has sat down at a table
  • A major incident has occured at a table
  • Head Counts are at a high level prior to the end of swing shift
  • Head counts are at a low level hours prior to the end swing
  • Utilization is being impacted because the limits are too high
  • Profitability is being impacted because the limits are too low