Built by operators for operators.

Every property is different so we price our product to align with your unique circumstances. Pricing is based only on the features you use.

The Options

Does a certain set of features fit your specific needs? You only pay for the sets of features (Modules) that makes sense for you. Our goal is to build a system that is within the reach of casinos big and small. The upfront cost is as low as it can go.

We sell to you at just above cost assuring you that what we deliver to you will benefit your operation. If you would like to add a Module simply go into your settings and add it. It is as simple as that.

Here is a listing of some of the Modules offered by VisuaLimits. New modules will be added based on customer requests as we continue to enhance our product. Please contact us for further details.



  • Limit Features
    • Automated Limit Dropping
    • Limit Increasing Notifications
  • Scrolling Game Change Notifications
  • Media Management Suite
  • Game Configuration Manager
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Table Games Data
    • Limit information
  • Current Events/Pre-Shift info (rear screen)
  • Sports Ticker
  • TV Streaming
  • Ratings System Monitor
  • Tournament Mode


  • Tardiness Reports
  • Dealer Performance Reports
    • Discard Rack or Optical Analysis
  • Game Speed Performance Reports
    • Discard Rack or Optical Analysis
  • Dealer Clock-In / Out (Kronos Integration Q1 2017)


  • Requests
    • Drink Request
    • Massage Request
    • Tobacco Request
    • Shift Manager Request
  • Department Queues
    • Surveillance Queue
    • Beverage Queue


  • Utilization Reports
    • Game
    • Pit
    • Side Wager
    • Limit
    • Shift
    * Headcount aquired manually or via optics.


  • Game Activity Playback Review (Surveillance Queue)
  • Floorperson Surveillance Alert button
  • Dealer Incident Reporting (with video)
  • Camera Streaming to Surveillance Systems


  • Relocating your players to open tables when closing a table. Reserving the table or spots for them until they arrive.

FACIAL RECOGNITION (Accepting Beta Partners)

  • Known Cheats Alerts
  • Player Arrival / Player Departure Time
  • Excluded Player Alerts
  • Title 31 Notifications

CHIP AND CARD RECOGNITION (Accepting Beta Partners)

  • Automated Ratings
  • Game Protection and Player Skill Level

Other Hardware Options


  • Our revolutionary Game Type sign provides you with a complementary or complete surveillance solution.

    The VL-EYE interfaces with the VL-Focus to provide a full solution for facial recognition. The top ring of the VL-Eye-tower will also change in conjunction with the color of the table minimum, in order to afford better limit awareness across your gaming floor.


  • Our barcode scanning “add-on” allows you to utilize the embedded Barcode Reader in the VL Focus for: Dealer Tap-Ins, To scan virtual Player-Cards, and Accept Match-Play Coupons - right at the table.



  • With Play+, your players can now quickly transfer funds to their “existing” Player’s Card and withdraw these funds at your tables and slots.


  • Casino Offer Network brings your casino to the app store with ease. Your players will now have access to their Players Card right on their smart phones as well as casino promotions at all times. You can even target specific “Match or Free” Play promotions to them, which can be redeemed on the VL-Focus right at the table.