One device. More technology.

The VL-Focus rear screen is a 10.1” touchscreen capable of managing your limits, logging dealer tap-ins, providing pre-shift notices, making dining reservations, requesting tobacco and that’s not all.

Table Game Signage Reinvented

Designed for table games from a team that started their careers in table games, VL-Focus contains features that are relevant and built on solid hardware that is designed to last. The unit is completely self contained with two striking 10.1” high brightness, high contrast displays. Your players will now be able to benefit from high visibility limits, real-time information about the table, sports scores and custom advertisements delivered at the right time to communicate company promotions and amenities.

VL-Focus’ discard rack sensor allows you to advertise to your players when the dealer is shuffling the cards. This helps keep them informed and entertained during the downtimes when they can make a decision to stick around or call it a day. Marketing is a small portion of what VL-Focus can do, content and verbiage changes are done effortlessly in house. Real-time table analysis is now available with the click of a mouse.

The Front Screen

Player View


The VL-Focus discard rack sensor allows you to only advertise to players when the dealer is shuffling the cards. There is also the option to advertise only based on limits amongst other content options.


Limit increasing can be tricky in certain jurisdictions. If you are required to give notice VL-Focus will show a countdown timer on the front screen indicating in how many minutes until the limit increases.


If you want your game to change to a no mid shoe entry when the minimum goes past $50, it is not a problem. Do you want a side wager to adjust with the limit, no problem. It is all customizable.


This is an optional feature to get your tables back in action. If your $25 table has sat idle for 30 minutes the sign will automatically drop to $15 to attract gameplay. This is completely customizable.


Let’s keep your players in their seats. VisuaLimits provides sports score information to all of your tables keeping your players informed and in their seats.


When you close your table we will let your players know. The sign will indicate that the table is closing in a certain number of minutes or after the shoe. The choice is yours. When either occurs the table automatically closes.


Let’s remove the clutter. The option to make a game non-smoking or to make the table reserved is effortless. The front screen displays the message to the players and the rear screen shows the status.


You don’t want to lose a player when closing a table. With our relocation program we can search for dead games where we can relocated those who want to continue playing. We will even reserve the table for them.


If you wish you can stream television to the sign. No longer will you have to post televisions all throughout your pits. Each table now hosts its own TV.

The Rear Screen

Pit View


Through our integrated card swipe you can now have your dealer swipe into the table as they tap in. This allows you to account for every hand they deal as well as track incidents and tardies. Clock in coming soon.


Any table limit sign can change a limit. VL-Focus allows you to have more options. Let’s say you want $3,000 as a maximum when the game is $15 but not when it is $25, this is what we do.


Floorpeople come and go throughout the day. The table statistics will let them know what the previous limit was, how long it has been at the current limit and the average utilization over the past hour.


Is there a VIP player in town or is a convention occurring on property? Pre-shift notices informs your staff of important events occurring on your property.


No longer do you have to call upstairs to review what just occurred on a table. VL-Focus records a set period of time on the table allowing you to review events and make decisions.


Why have your players get up off of the table when they can continue playing and you can reserve a table at a restaurant? We will advertise available times on the front and you can set them up on the back. Keep them playing.


Get your players what they want. Through our Tobacco Request we automatically send a page/text to your Tobacco runner alerting them of the table that requires their attention.


Did that VIP player just sit down? Send a drink request to the backbar that is handling this section to request his favorite drink. Hello customer service.


Previously it required the effort of different departments to perform an incident report. Through Table Playback, you can notate dealer incidents with ease and include a video record attached to the report.


Surveillance now has an improved view of the table from an angle wished for but not previously available. You can view the sides of chips, the cards on the table, and clear visuals of the faces of players at the table.


Run your rating system on our sign. No need for multiple monitors to clutter the tops of your tables. Our large touchscreen monitor will provide you with the only interface you need.


Through the use of our partner's TITO printer and our barcode scanner you can print and redeem slot tickets at the table. You can cut back on fills, promote cross-play, and operate with a leaner cage staff.


Through our integrated card swipe or barcode scanner your dealers can clock-in/out at the tables. Our system will provide your current system with the necessary data. Streamlining this process can eliminate unnecessary overtime and long lines at the time clock.